Ben Atkinson Masterclass Confirmed as Part of London International Horse Show’s New Second Arena

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2023)

The organisers of the London International Horse Show are delighted to confirm that equestrian performer and Liberty artist Ben Atkinson will be taking centre stage in the Show’s new London Arena for the 2023 London International Masterclass Series.

As a horseman who has trained and performed across the world for the past 19 years, Atkinson has a huge range of skills, with experience in everything from Show Jumping to Carriage Driving, Cossack trick riding, and stunt work in the film industry. However, Atkinson’s true passion is Liberty, the art of working horses in complete freedom. Inspired by his father and grandfather, Atkinson has made the pursuit of unlocking horses’ minds his goal in life. Developing new techniques, he brings simplicity and logic to a style of horsemanship often shrouded in mystery, making the unattainable easily achievable for any person and any horse.

To round off the week, Ben Atkinson’s Starting Liberty from Scratch Masterclass will take place on the afternoon of Monday 18 December and will cover everything needed for a horse and rider to go home and get started on this incredible training method. Atkinson will start by covering the philosophy, mindset, and principles of Liberty training, before introducing his horses. Using a combination of more and less experienced horses, Atkinson will then discuss the ‘tools in the box’ required to communicate with horses, including basic commands and how to move the horses’ bodies. He will then utilise this to demonstrate ‘send away and recall’ – a basic pillar of training – and cover off how the audience can implement this at home, before finishing with a demo of what a first time at Liberty should look like.

The London International’s brand-new London Arena is a new addition to the Show for 2023, bringing our audience two arenas of excitement and action. The International Arena (main arena) will host two performances per day of top-level 5* competition, displays, and entertainment, while across the boulevard The London Arena will sit at the heart of the Shopping Village. Featuring inclusive Showing classes including the Finals of the new London International Showing Series, Royal Kennel Club Dog Agility Semi-Finals for Crufts 2024 (in addition to current Dog Agility classes), a feature auction of British Bred sport horses, and the new London International Masterclass Series, it’s not to be missed.

Tickets to The London Arena include an allocated seat for the whole day in the Grandstand, plus access to the Shopping Village, Live Zone, and Warm-Up Ring Viewing Area. Alternatively, visitors with tickets to any performance in The International Arena will have access to a limited amount of standing viewing for The London Arena, and can also book allocated seats at a discount in The London Arena grandstand.

The London International will be announcing more Masterclasses over the coming weeks, which will include top names hosting subjects such as dressage, driving, eventing, and jumping.

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