We Fight to Expose the Suffering at Roundups, by the Cloud Foundation

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2023)
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The image above is a “public observation” area at one of the many roundups we’ve attended. Herd areas may be vast. Helicopters may chase wild horses and burros for untold miles since there is NO SET STANDARD regulating distance (see *CAWP Gather Standards II, B2 pg. 7). The trauma suffered by wild horses and burros at roundups is largely hidden. “Public observation” often allows members of the public to see only the tail-end of the roundup. This was certainly the case with the 2022 Piceance roundup in CO. More often than not, viewing of horses and burros may only be visible for a few moments as they are stampeded to the trap site.  Placing observers behind trees, bushes, or hills (as in the photo above) is a technique to prevent Americans from witnessing the true trauma and suffering these magnificent horses and burros are forced to endure.

Please support our lawsuit to hold the Bureau of Land Management accountable and expose the entire roundup process.

To end roundups, we seek to expose their cruelty. Documenting the entire roundup process is a first step towards convincing Congress to end its support for this failed and inhumane practice.

That’s why The Cloud Foundation has filed a lawsuit to require cameras on helicopters, at trap sites, and in roundup holding pens.


The helicopter must be operated using pressure and release methods to herd the animals in a desired direction and should not repeatedly evoke erratic behavior in the WH&Bs causing injury or exhaustion. Animals must not be pursued to a point of exhaustion…

Without camera documentation, there is no way to ensure that the humane methods required of helicopters are being followed during roundup operations. In fact, there is often obvious evidence that standards have been ignored. Requiring cameras on helicopters, trap sites, and roundup holding pens provides transparency and accountability – ultimately saving lives.

Your donations will make this possible!

Read more about TCF’s lawsuit in this recent news article by Anne Murphy of Fox 12, Oregon.

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