American Wild Horses:  A Management Disaster Unfolding

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A band of free roaming wild horses (near Wild Horse Ranch) calmly grazed wildfire fuels even as the deadly, wind driven 2018 Klamathon Wildfire (38,000 acres) was approaching. Over their millions of years living on the north American landscape, wild horses have experienced their share of wildfires, and instinctively know what to do, and when. This experience is why they are not panicked. Photo: William E. Simpson II

As a wild horse advocate, and/or others who may also want to see a reduction in catastrophic wildfires and toxic smoke:

Are you ready for a change in the dismal results in wild horse management by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and wildfire management by the BLM and USFS?

Are you tired of the influential nonprofits peddling fake solutions that are harming the sustainable conservation of American wild horses with the use of taxpayer subsidized Chemical Sterilization (a.k.a. ‘Fertility Control’ & ‘Contraception’)?

Keep in mind, sterilized horses eat and drink just as much as an intact horse.

So, how does sterilizing horses (a.k.a. Fertility Control/Contraception) end costly taxpayer funded roundups designed to reduce use of forage and water by wild horses that are competing with game animals and livestock in some Herd Areas?

Answer: it doesn’t.

We’ve seen it over the past 20+ years where herds treated with PZP and GonaCon (chemical sterilants) were still subjected to large scale helicopter roundups… removing thousands of wild horses that were living in areas made devoid of their natural predators in order for commingled livestock to survive.

Fertility Control is an expensive con job that wastes tax dollars and squanders donations, but it allows some people to profit.

It’s a fact of science and genetics that the combination of population reductions via roundups, chemical sterilization (Fertility Control with PZP or GonaCon), and castration of stallions, without any pre treatment genetic testing on animals being genetically culled, is a genetic disaster.

Recent massive roundups of wild horses coupled with chemical sterilization programs (like the ‘Colorado Wild Horse Management Project’) of wild horses remaining on the range (or returned to the range by the BLM as genetically mutilated horses) will result in a serious genetic decline of a proportion that will result in the irreversible loss of valuable wild horse genetics and genetic bottlenecking.

All of the foregoing is completely unnecessary.


This is because Wild Horse Fire Brigade ‘WHFB’ (an all volunteer 501 c 3 nonprofit) pioneered, piloted, and successfully tested a nature based cost effective solution (called ‘Wild Horse Fire Brigade’).

Wild Horse Fire Brigade provides wild horse management that is humane, cost effective, and results in meaningful reductions in the frequency, size, and intensity of wildfires.

Even the insurance industry has recently caught on, as we see in this AM BEST TV documentary:

These monetarily incentivized NGOs promoting chemical sterilization include the multi million dollar donation funded nonprofits like American Wild Horse Campaign, who, according to their most recently published IRS form 990 report, is sitting on over $3 million in cash and assets and recently had the gall to ask donors for $25,000 more because they rescued two (2) horses!

Through a cooperative effort with our extended team of generous hard working WHFB volunteers who put up their time and money, we saved and rewilded (into the wilderness) over sixty (60) slaughter-bound BLM branded wild horses. Now they are helping to protect an entire wilderness ecosystem.

Here’s a video of just one group of 18 of the 61 wild horses that had their FREEDOM restored:

Make no mistake: moving wild horses from one fenced corral to another is NOT rewilding.

Rewilding means placing them back into the wilderness, where they resume their natural roles as part of a balanced wilderness ecosystem that includes their co-evolved predators, essential for evolutionary natural selection, which naturally controls populations and eliminates the need for genetically ridiculous, expensive chemical sterilization.

In case you missed it:

Wild Horse Fire Brigade semi-monthly updates are being covered by ‘A Horse Blog’ (thank you!): horse fire brigade updates/

PLEASE DONATE and help wild horses!

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