Jad Dana Continues Winning Streak at WEF

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2024)
Jad Dana & After Eight. Photo © Sportfot

Jad Dana is on a streak at the 2024 Winter Equestrian Festival, and it’s a hot one. The 29-year-old Lebanese rider piloted After Eight to win the $32,000 Hermès CSI3* 1.50m Classic on Sunday to close out WEF 1 at Wellington International.

Dana and the 14-year-old Swedish Warmblood mare (Diarado x Cardento) owned by Springhill Farm battled a day of unrelenting rain to rise to the top from a 10-horse jump-off over courses built by Nick Granat (USA).

“I know it’s not common to have wins like this so close together, but as long as our horses feel good, we will try to keep the streak going,” said Jad Dana, who also jumped to a win in the Prestige Italia Grand Prix during WEF Premiere on ABC Quantum Cruise. “In this sport we win one day and lose the next, but we do our best to keep things as good as they can be.”

By more than a full second margin, Dana made quick work of the competition with After Eight’s foot speed and will to win. While After Eight’s spirit in the ring proves to often be unbeatable, Dana admits her work at home is simple at its core.

“For as hot as After Eight is, her training program isn’t too crazy,” admitted Dana.  “She’s incredibly talented; you don’t have to produce her jump or teach her that skill; she does it so well on her own. Less is more with her.

“She just has to feel good — you can’t ride the blood out of her, because it’s where she gets her jump from,” continued Dana, who trains with U.S. Olympic team gold medalist Leslie Howard.

Wellington International

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