If Your Life Is In Turmoil, These 5 Things Can Help

Your life is unpredictable. One minute everything is going smoothly. Next, everything is crashing down around you. Your life is in turmoil with no instructions. A precarious state prevails in our country and world. The Russian/Ukraine war has everyone feeling anxious. Talk of nuclear war has us all in a panic, so many of us …

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Do You Feel Guilty for Having Interests or Hobbies of Your Own?

Don’t Feel Guilty The hustle culture surrounding you can sometimes make you feel guilty for having interests or hobbies of your own, especially if it takes you away from your career or your family. Sadly, this is truer for women than for men, but sadly, men are also catching up to being overworked like most …

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Why Start Your Day With Gratitude and Positive Thinking?

Did you know that starting your day with positivity is one of the best things you can do to improve your life? It has an immediate, powerful impact on your life. The benefits are numerous, and you start experiencing them from the first day you deliberately begin your day being positive and grateful. These are …

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