This is A Horse Blog and I’m Teri Rehkopf. AHorseBlog.com is a companion to HorsesintheSouth.com, but instead of an equine news publisher, this site will be for my own article writings, tangents, musings and general stuff. Oh, and I love plants, so you’ll hear about that topic, too.

Teri Rehkopf

I currently hail from Keystone Heights, Florida living on five acres that requires a lot of mowing… luckily, I love to mow! I get in the pool and get wet with my soaking wet pony-tail hanging down my back keeping me cool.

Life in the country!

I have been wanting to make this blog since 2009 but never had time. HorsesintheSouth.com took too much time, riding/caring for my own horse, health (two shoulder replacements – arrgh!), living way out in the country, yard work, landscaping, gardening, mowing – need I say more?

But now Iā€™m retired or (semi-retired) and have a bit more time, yea! So here goes ā€¦

The Plan of Attack

I’ll be writing blog posts starting off with my early life with horses as I have always been a true horse-fanatic starting very young with these little plastic or rubber horses that fit in your palm up to about 12 inches tall model horses like they had back in the 50s when I was jus’ a yout’ as my German uncle by marriage would say. (He also called me Harriet the Holocaust cuz I was a somewhat hyper kid, lol. He teased me for getting a huge stuffed horse, almost as big as I was, at 9 years old.)

I digress and I know I need to explain the Harriet, which is my real name. I hated my name so much that in my early teens, I changed it … spelled Harriet backwards and got Teirrah, which I shortened to Teri and wa la.

We’ll start the blogging with my mare, Glenord’s Rocket Dancer aka Rocki who went over the rainbow bridge almost 2 years ago.