J.R. Khan. My 18 Hand European Warmblood Who Taught Me Dressage

Junior. Khan. Jr Khan. J. R. Khan. I called him Khan. He looked kingly and regal to me. He was soooo big! Six feet tall at the withers. He was my boy. I bought Khan when I was tired of waiting for the EPM that barefoot Rocki was diagnosed with when she stumbled in the …

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EQUUS Film & Arts Festival Presents a TED-like Talk about How Wild Horses Manage Wildfire Fuels

On Saturday Dec. 3rd at 10:00 AM, EQUUS Film & Arts Festival will present a TED-like talk about Wild Horse Fire Brigade at the historical Guild Theater in Sacramento California. Wild horse ethologist and researcher William E. Simpson II will speak about how wild horses cost effectively manage wildfire fuels, make trees more fire resilient, …

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Carl Hester’s Dressage Challenge Is LIVE in Ridely Right Now

Are you ready to take on the challenge? This is a fun new way of learning and improving your riding. The Carl Hester Dressage ChallengeTogether with Carl, we have made a series of challenges that target specific areas of training to help you squeeze a few more marks out of your dressage tests. Each challenge …

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S.M.A.R.T. Plans for Survival Preppers, Part I

There’s an old saying that goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” As someone who is engaged in survival prepping, that saying might not seem as if it applies to you. After all, you’re digging into the topic to see how you can best prepare for any disaster and protect your family – and you should be applauded for that.

Together, We Make a Difference

Giving Tuesday — the single MOST IMPORTANT day for charities — is just 1 week away! Giving Tuesday is not just about donations. It’s a global movement and a reminder to GIVE – not just money, but time, a voice, compassion, empathy…. It’s a reminder that we’re ALL in this together. We have this ONE …

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More Mustangs Rewilded by Wild Horse Fire Brigade and an Extended Team of Great People

Here is the latest video posted on our Twitter page about 6 more mustangs that were saved from the kill pens and are now safely rewilded in a wilderness area: Please help us grow the Wild Horse Fire Brigade (‘WHFB’) plan to save our forests, wildlife (and habitat), and watersheds, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and …

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Books about Survival and The (Atomic) Bomb

Starting as a 13-year-old, I read a bunch of apocalypse novels, mostly of the nuclear type. Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank was maybe my first. From the age of 3 I started reading every horse book that had been printed. Bi-weekly trips to the library kept me satiated. After my father built our house, we …

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Applications to Lincoln Memorial Univ. Equine Vet. Edu. Program Set for Review in Spring 2023

Harrogate, TN [November 16, 2022] – Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) based in Harrogate, TN has begun accepting applications to its Equine Veterinary Education Program set for review in Spring 2023. The program will welcome its first accepted applicants in Fall 2023. The EVEP is an innovative addition to LMU’s course of veterinary study encompassing a …

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BLM Proposes Livestock Grazing Where Wild Horse Roundup Is Planned

BLM wants to create new livestock grazing permits in the same area where they propose a massive wild horse roundup in the Stone Cabin Complex. Coincidentally, Tonopah NV BLM also proposes to re-start livestock grazing in two allotments (Monitor and Ralston), which are adjacent to the Stone Cabin Complex. Ranchers have illegally grazed livestock in …

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Survival Prepping, End-of-Times, Apocalypse Planning, and The Bomb

I’ve always been into survival prepping, end-of-times, apocalypse planning and The Bomb. I grew up in the 50s during the Cold War and the nuclear bomb was scary . Our 30 acres was designed for self-sufficiency and to live off of the land. Yes, we worried about The (Atomic) Bomb. An Original Survivalist I get …

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