1st Step for BLM Roundup Accountability

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2023)

In August, the Cloud Foundation (TCF) launched a lawsuit as the first step to bringing desperately needed change for the humane treatment of wild horses and burros. Our lawsuit seeks to require cameras on helicopters, at roundup trap sites, and in temporary holding pens. The video footage collected during helicopter roundups will (1) bring accountability (which is sorely lacking) and (2) change the dynamic of Congress’ support for this broken and inhumane program.

Change comes far too slowly for those seeking justice and what is right.

We have witnessed decades of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) mismanagement of our precious wild horses and burros. BLM allocated the vast amount (approximately 80%) of forage to privately owned livestock — leaving a meager 20% (or less) of the forage for wild horses and burros.

The system has been rigged against the wild horses and burros from the beginning, with no sign of improvement.

Various lawsuits have attempted to stop roundups and force BLM to treat wild horses/burros fairly. These lawsuits have largely failed to get these iconic animals what they deserve: their fair share of our public lands and humane management that preserves natural wild behaviors.

A win here will reveal what is all too often hidden — the miles-long stampedes, the inherent cruelty of a helicopter roundup, and the inhumane treatment that destroys the lives and families of wild horses and burros.

We have engaged in a multi-step strategy to expose the cruelty of these operations. This first step is one we must pursue, and your support is needed to fund this costly lawsuit.

Thank you for your dedication to these precious wild horses and burros who enrich our lives in so many ways.

The Cloud Foundation

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