Emergency Funding for America’s Equines

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2023)

Thanks to the partnership with Brooke USA and the Brooke USA Bridge Grant Program established in January as a joint initiative of Brooke USA and the EQUUS Foundation, five EQUUS Foundation Guardian charities have received emergency funding to address unplanned and/or unexpected circumstances.

The program offers grants ranging between $500 and $1,000 in three areas: 1) veterinary care, 2) dental care, and/or 3) farrier care. Grants are provided on a rolling basis and are available on a first come, first served basis. Brooke USA dedicated $10,000 to be available in 2023. The grants are intended to provide respite while other options are being considered.

Central Virginia Horse Rescue (CVHR)
Fredericksburg, Virginia

The Shenandoah Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) responded to a complaint involving over 100 horses living in inadequate conditions and had to call in four teams of veterinarians to examine the herd. The horses were severely malnourished with visible hip bones, ribs, and little fat cover. SCSO is working with the Commonwealth of Virginia Office of the Attorney General and their Animal Law Unit in an ongoing investigation. CVHR took in 25 of these horses and received a $1,000 grant to assist with their care.

Gerda’s Equine Rescue, Inc.
West Townshend, Vermont

With the area hit with devastating floods and 36 horses in its care, Gerda’s Equine Rescue experienced major damage, especially on the road connecting the farm to its largest pasture, manure pile, and hay storage, all under 4 feet of water. What complicated matters further was that the rescue had been using up their hay storage in preparation for haying season from their local farmers, but with the wet weather, most of the fields ready for cutting were under water. Gerda’s Equine Rescue received a $1,000 grant to purchase hay.

Begin Again Horse Rescue
Lima, New York

When taking in owner surrenders, Begin Again expects to incur expenses for wellness exams, vaccines, dental floats, and microchips as they did when they took in Hazel, a young Quarter horse, but what was not expected was finding out from the vet that Hazel was in a state of advanced pregnancy. Not having the equipment needed for foaling, or the experience, Begin Again arranged to move Hazel to a private facility with the equipment and experience. Due to the unexpected pregnancy of Hazel and birth of Dinah, Begin Again received $850 in financial support to help cover non-budgeted veterinary and transportation expenses.

Horse Haven of Tennessee
Lenoir City, Tennessee

When the owner of two senior mares, Jingle and Belle, reached out to Horse Haven of Tennessee for help due to the owner’s recent personal and heartbreaking circumstances, the rescue departed from its primary mission of working with local and state officials on equine abuse and neglect case and took them in. When the mares received veterinary and farrier care on arrival, it was apparent that the owner had not been providing routine care. Horse Haven of Tennessee received a $1,000 grant to help restore Belle and Jingle to health.

P.S. Dreams Do Come True! Having been together for 18 years, Horse Haven was pleased to report that Jingle and Belle were adopted together and will be together for the remainder of their days.

Saving Horses, Inc.
Encinitas, California

Most charities rely on volunteers, and Saving Horses is no exception, run by volunteer founder, Audrey Reynolds. When Audrey suffered a fall (not horse related) and broke both wrists, it became apparent that she needed to hire a part-time interim manager to work alongside volunteers and complete many of the daily tasks. She made the difficult decision to divert funds that had been reserved for routine horse care to hire the part-time manager. Saving Horses received a $500 grant for horse care to assist during Audrey’s recovery.

Learn more at equusfoundation.org/emergency.

To learn more about the EQUUS Foundation and their mission, please visit www.equusfoundation.org.

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