New Tool That Models the Future for Wild Horses on Public Lands Is Questionable

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2023)

YREKA, CA, US, March 3, 2023 / — A recent joint press release by The U.S. Geological Survey (‘USGS’) and the Bureau of Land Management (‘BLM’) announced the public release of a new modeling software called ‘PopEquus’ designed to predict the potential outcomes of using various non-lethal methods to manage and protect wild horses roaming public lands.

When the BLM says ‘non-lethal’, at the best it means roundups of wild horses resulting in families torn apart, horses branded, and horses genetically mutilated (stallions castrated and mares treated with chemicals causing sterilization) before they are placed in off-range corrals.

At best, it means wild horses being stalked by shooters with high-powered (lethal) gas operated firearms that shoot a heavy syringe filled with a chemical (‘PZP’ or ‘Gonacon’) that sterilizes a horse.

This flawed method for attempting to do what nature does via natural selection has very serious unintended consequences:

1. Adverse genetic and social impacts on wild horses via the use of chemical sterilants:
2. Shooting horses with high-powered gas operated rifles can cause bleeding, hematoma, broken bones, and death, according the experts on this method:

“Even on a large animal struck correctly, the dart (contraceptive PZP and GonaCon darts) can cause hemorrhage and hematoma. Misplaced shots can break bones or even kill the animal.” (Thomas and Marburger 1964)

Given the longstanding unsatisfactory history of the BLM’s management of wild horses, based upon management paradigms premised on myths, made-up science, obsolete science, and misinformation, any new application that is overlaid on the top of the existing paradigm can only provide flawed data output, making matters worse for the wild horses and American taxpayers.

The joint BLM-USGS press release puts a fancy wrapper on what a majority of Americans see as a failed wild horse management program, made worse by misinformation and spinning the truth. This perspective is supported by several published articles as sampled below:

1. Reno Gazette Journal:
2. Salt Lake Tribune:

The mismanagement continues with the appointment of a new head of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program, Holle’ Waddell, who fails to have the necessary prerequisite hands-on experience with free-roaming wild horses.

The highlights of her so-called credentials that allegedly support her appointment to the Chief of BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro program are laughable – “camping for 17 days…”

Excerpt from BLM’s bio on Ms. Waddell:

“Her experience in the Wild Horse and Burro Program is as diverse as it is encompassing. From camping out for 17 straight days in a dusty Utah desert to representing the Wild Horse and Burro Program at legislative budget meetings in Washington D.C., you might even say that Waddell has participated in pretty much every facet of the complicated management system that balances the health and safety of the wild horses and burros with the other mandated land uses the BLM is tasked with overseeing.”

However, when compared to authentic wild horse experts, Ms. Waddell doesn’t meet the mark.

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